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Még nem elérhető vélemény és teszt erről a VPN szolgáltatásról. Ha szeretné megosztani a tapasztalatait ezzel a VPN szolgáltatóval kapcsolatban, írjon véleményt róla felhasználóként. Hamarosan közzétesszük a szakértőnk részletes véleményét ugyanúgy, mint ahogy a legjobb VPN-ekről – például az ExpressVPN és a NordVPN – is szoktuk. Vagy megnézheti 2020 legjobb VPN-jeit.

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Private Tunnel Felhasználói vélemények
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Bandwidth package lost, customer service won't help.

I had a nice fixed bandwidth package that would have lasted me for years. Because I accidentally signed up for a trial account, my bandwidth package was removed from my account (they admitted that this is a bug in their website) They refuse to reinstate my bandwidth package, saying that it is impossible (with all their expertise, I find that hard to believe). The fact is that they don't want to, they would rather I sign up for a high monthly fee.

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Tudta? Minden felhasználói értékelést figyelembe veszünk. A cégek nem vesztegethetnek meg, hogy hozzátegyünk vagy hogy kihagyjuk valamelyiket.

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    The Comcast of VPN's

    The data service itself is... OK. Sometimes was really slow, and some sites wouldn't accept traffic from their POP's. Was able to connect about 95% of the time. I'd say choppy/slow about 30% or so, though I'm a latenight user myself. The real downfall, though, is the customer service. I bought a "no expiration" data plan when they first got started and haven't finished using all my data. They changed their business model but won't honour prior agreements. Many appeals to sales and support with requests for them to honour the agreement THAT I PAID FOR were ignored and what I got instead was "cancelled." They cancelled my "no expiration" account while I still had data on it, and still no consideration for the fact that I bought something from them and they are refusing to deliver it. If you're a #classaction #attorney looking for a class-action #target, may I suggest PrivateTunnel? I'd make a stink about it on principle, but honestly, my stress is worth more way more than their data. I wasn't going to renew with them anyway, but I'd still like to use what I paid for.

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      It was barely OK Not any more

      I used them for a year and a half and it was fairly OK Out of all of their servers only 2 allowed my P2P use but it wasn’t bad at all A month or so one of the servers started acting up, changing from default (adaptive) to TCP or UDP solved the problem. Three days ago both servers stopped working altogether, got in touch with their service chat rep., (I noticed it happens to always be the same guys, Brandon or Veronica) Any way, they played with my patience for two days until finally the answer came back.”We don’t allow any P2P in our servers anymore. Their policy is no refunds after the 7 day trial end of VPN use with them, by the way, gradually No more Amazon Prime abroad, Netflix and the works If you are looking at an article in CNN for instance and click on video, you will get the message “You are not allowed to view being out of the USA” not exactly but roughly

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      Do they keep logs?

      They seem unclear on that one no peer to peer for my needs makes it less worrisome.The low amount of servers is a minus,and for a time it had a Turkish name as where the location was last year. Speed is decent,do they keep logs?If you want net freedom no VPN should. Useless with BBC too.

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